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AC/DC Adapter
LuCell supports hybrid power that can run either on battery or adapter.
Internal Lighting
Provides convenient in dark places (functional when using adapter).
Fingerprint Lock
A convenient and secure fingerprint lock is available as an option.
Additional Options
Indoor key and card holder, glass shelf, jewelry stand.


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Superior Design

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The combination of rich burgundy red and cool black and its lustrous gloss accentuate the flowing lines of the safe and make LuCell a design highlight of your interior decor.

Convenient and secure soft-touch buttons

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LuCell’s sensuous design and security functions are enhanced by the convenient digital touch buttons, which become activated only when you use it.

Excellent fire-resistance

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LuCell protects all your valuables by keeping the interior temperature below 150°C when the outside temperature goes up to 1050°C for an hour. It has been certified by KS(Korean Standards) and JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards).

Enhanced Security

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LuCell is the only safe that passed JAPAN's JIS 1037, TS-15 anti-burglar test in Korea. Its separate locking module, hidden hinges and wider glass relocker provide even better security against intruder's attack. A high-sensitivity shock sensor with a 120 decibel alarm protects contents more safely in the event that LuCell is moved or struck.